60 MIN

Keshet 12


A documentary chronicling three protagonists whose lives have been intertwined: ELAD, a young man who went in for what was supposed to be a simple surgical procedure, only to come out severely disabled. Despite his terrible predicament, he chooses life after all. RINAT, his ex-girlfriend, got back together with him after his botched operation, and would eventually marry him. For ten years, they have been trying to get pregnant, unsuccessfully. EINAV, a single mother, opts to go down the surrogacy route for financial, but mostly selfless reasons. The film follows the brave, unwavering bond between its three protagonists – the result of all three’s extraordinary life choices. Together, they share a series of intimate moments en route to their journey’s surprising, emotional conclusion.


Nominated for a 2018 Docaviv Film Festival Award.

“Directed by David Ofek and Gad Aisen, the film, A Song of Ascension, captures a touching story that almost makes one forget the fundamentally controversial nature of surrogacy.”

Shany Littman, Haaretz