6 episodes, 35min per episode



A one-of-a-kind, behind the scenes look at the Israeli fashion industry that sheds a new light on the gap between the fashion world’s glamour and the highly complicated, financial and political reality those at the heart of it must face. The cameras spent two years following a number of high-profile designers, as well as Israeli fashion entrepreneur, Motty Reif, as they prepare for Israel Fashion Week. Packed full of documentary footage, the series moves along two story arcs – the first follows the Israeli designers’ struggle for financial survival, and the second takes us into the star-studded fashion week and all the faux glamour it exudes. In the course of the series, Reif must fight to get some internationally renowned fashion designers to show at Fashion Week, however the fragile political climate in Israel leads to countless pull-outs and cancellations from all over the world. Meanwhile, the Israeli designers – newbies and veterans alike – are facing financial hardships that stand in stark contrast to their artistic vision. With that, the series recrafts the Israeli fashion dream and the pseudo empire it boasts.

Fabricated achieves a rich portrayal of the Israeli fashion world’s inner discord – that tug of war between art and commercialism; the heart’s desires and the bank’s demands, and the people living out this ‘fabricated’ existence in the name of the dream.”