Kids Drama

40 episodes, 25min per episode

YES Junior


A celebrated children’s drama series, based on a successful literary series of the same name by Galila Ron-Feder Amit. Gingee is a boy with a vivid imagination and razor-sharp instincts. He is the leader of a group of kids who are always on the lookout for mysteries to solve. They are the same group we all fell in love with back in season one – Gingee, Moshik, and Sagit, along with Isabella, Shocko, Mocha, Max and all the others who are now back for another awesome adventure.

In season two, Isabella, who is now living with Max whom she considers her father for all intents and purposes, meets a guy and even falls in love with him. Theirs is a truly epic love story with one major hurdle – she is a robot whereas he is human. Will love conquer all in the end?

A mysterious puppet-master figure tries to take over Gingee’s world. Gingee is the only one who suspects something is awry and must now convince all of his friends that a secret, nefarious plot is in fact being hatched around them.

The mystery they are up against ends up taking root in class which leads to a showdown between queen bee, Leigh and her minions, and Gingee and his gang.

In season three, Gingee and his friends have finished their first year of junior high and everything seems to be coming up roses. That is until a mysterious voice breaks Brad, Zoscha’s assistant out of prison, thereby triggering a series of unexplained, terrifying events. Gingee is the only one to realise a terrible thing is happening right under their noses and that the fate of humankind now rests in his hands.