Reality TV

12 episodes, 90min per episode

Shenhar Production


for the first time on TV the audition will take place both at home and on stage during the same song – with one thing standing between these 2 places- the turning door.

this door- can turn a pure talent into stardom.

today, anyone can upload a video online, and become a star. our show allows the audience to experience this talent in its most authentic surroundings.

and takes the contender through a major makeover- the audience is dying to see.

and while this excited contender stands behind the turning door,  waiting for the audience to watch his home video & decide:

if they like him- the door will turn him to the stage to continue his audition in front of the judges.

but if they didn’t like what they saw- the door will turn the contender to the empty seats.

either way- the decision here is extremely dramatic. in fact, there are 2 dramatic moments in one audition. (first the audience decision, and then the judges decision)

as for the second part of the competition, again we had to analyze other talent shows to realized that the audience starts loosing interest once the auditions are over.

we had to keep the DRAMA going, and even increase it- keeping the turning door as what stands between the authentic singing  & big stag experience. and we multiplied it by 3 !

its a one-out-of-3 battle- 3 contenders go head to head, singing the same song, spinning all together on the turning door-

the audience votes first- voting off one of the 3. the remaining 2 finish the song in a duet- and the judges will choose one of them as the winner.