Romantic Comedy

10 episodes, 30min per episode

Keshet Broadcasting


The Baker and the Beauty is a romantic comedy that follows the impossible love story between a simple baker and an international superstar.

Noa Hollander has it all: she’s the most famous woman in the country, the beautiful daughter of a hotel magnate, a successful model with an international career and – up until now – one half of a Hollywood power couple.

Amos is a simple 28-year-old guy who still lives with his parents and works at the family bakery…

A chance encounter at a fancy restaurant — where Amos goes to celebrate his ninth anniversary with his girlfriend Vanessa, and where Noa is avoiding public speculation about a break-up from her Hollywood lover – leads to unexpected sparks and an even more unlikely love story. Can their love survive her jet-setting lifestyle, her overbearing agent, his unworldly family, both their exes and the media?

Season two of The Baker and the Beauty became the most viewed scripted show in Israel during that year.. Season two went on to be Culture clashes, family values, celebrity, love and humor make.

“But aside from being a hugely entertaining, frivolous romantic comedy on the surface, the show has grittier side which will appeal to a British audience.”


“Such a fun show and really well written. Convincing male and graceful female characters. Full of brave comic gems that signal to its tired audience after a day’s work- ‘We’re here to entertain you’.”

City Mouse

“At the end of each episode you are left with the taste for more.”

Yediot Ahronot